You can be a voluntourist journalist in Ghana

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For between four and eight weeks, you can volunteer as a journalist and teacher in Accra, Ghana, with Fronteering, writing for the local newspaper and helping out at the local school.

Ever Dreamed of being a journalist in a foreign exotic country? This is your chance! Travel to Ghana in Western Africa and join a local newspaper and assist with gathering news, writing stories, research, investigations reports and the covering of conferences.

Fronteering Travel Services, Inc. is based in Canada. The trip costs $1,495 for four weeks. If what you really need is a break from journalism, they also have a program that lets you care for Tasmanian Devils in Tasmania.


Elias Gebru, editor-in-chief of the independent news magazine Enku in Ethiopia, is being held without charge by police, Reporters Without Borders reported Wednesday.

Local journalists said authorities were attempting to link the paper's publication to the deadly clashes between Oromo student protesters and security forces last month. Ethiopian authorities claimed eight protesters were killed in the violence, while news outlets and human rights groups cited witnesses as saying that security forces killed more than a dozen protesters.

At least 17 other journalists are in jail in Ethiopia in connection with their journalistic work, according to CPJ research. Only Eritrea holds more journalists behind bars in Africa, CPJ research shows.


From Zero Hora, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, possibly the most awesome hazmat suits ever. (Front page courtesy the Newseum.)


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