Chicagoans gain additional access to Al Jazeera English

WBEZ-FM | Salon
Starting today, Chicagoans have a second way to access news from Al Jazeera English (AJE). The Qatar-based channel will air its international coverage on local public television station WTTW for 30 minutes in the morning and evening on weekdays and an hour on Saturday mornings. WTTW is the second Chicago station to air AJR; WYCC has been airing it for more than a year.

Time Warner Cable made AJE available in New York in August. Prior to that, Salon said at the time, AJE had been available only in small pockets of the country: “…a few satellite networks and cable channels in Toledo, Ohio; Burlington, Vt. and Washington, D.C. Progressive, Berkeley-based Pacifica Radio became the first U.S. radio network to carry AJE last December.” The network remains accessible nationally via the Internet.

Correction: This post originally suggested that WTTW was the first Chicago station to air AJE, but it is not. It also incorrectly implied that cable was required to view AJE in Chicago, but it is available over the air.


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