NYT’s John Branch on Derek Boogaard series: What if we tried to explain an entire life?

The Times’ John Branch tells David Brauer how he convinced the family of Derek Boogaard to cooperate for his series, “Punched Out: The Life and Death of a Hockey Enforcer,” which describes how Boogaard fought his way into the NHL and how it contributed to his death. “I committed to doing it right, taking time, and I told them we would probably put more resources into this than any other sports story this year,” Branch says. He told Boogaard’s mother, “you may find out things about your son you don’t know that may be hurtful, but this is what I think is the best story.” Branch has not heard from the family since the series started on Sunday; he thinks they’re sizing up the reaction. Worth a read.

Correction: The original version of this post misspelled Boogaard.


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