The Atlantic, other sites back on Reddit after temporary ban

The Daily Dot
In June, Reddit temporarily banned several sites, including The Atlantic, for spamming. The Daily Dot reports that in some cases the punishment was quite temporary:

The Atlantic returned nine days ago; Discovery News only suffered the ban for three days; and BusinessWeek returned after two days—a slap on the wrist, at worst. …

Not all of the sites kicked off Reddit in the Great Spam Purge have returned, however. … Science sites PhysOrg and ScienceDaily remain barred from the site.

Reddit’s general manager tells The Daily Dot’s Kevin Morris that the site lifts such bans when publishers address the problem.

Morris wrote in April that Jared Keller, The Atlantic’s associate editor and social media editor, had been kicked off Reddit for spamming. Reddit doesn’t prohibit users from sharing links to content that they have a vested interest in, Morris noted, but most users seem to think that shouldn’t account for more than one in 10 links.

Keller relentlessly shared content from The Atlantic, frequently posting three or four articles in a single day, which, all told, added up to hundreds and probably thousands of links—so many, in fact, that clicking through 10 pages and 250 submissions worth of content takes you just three months deep into his submission history.

Correction: Although The Daily Dot reported that GlobalPost links are still banned from Reddit, a GlobalPost staffer tells Poynter that the punishment was lifted on Friday. Links have been posted since then.