A new year for The Cohort

January 10, 2019
Category: Newsletters

In 2018, I wrote 20 columns for The Cohort, and what continually stood out to me was the women I talked to. I am grateful to the dozens of women who shared their time and insight to talk about the things that matter to women in journalism.

Together, we tackled everything from the exhaustion female journalists experience thanks to online harassment to the difficulty of finding a personal style at work. WDBJ anchor Kimberly McBroom shared her heartbreaking insights on how her newsroom survived losing two colleagues. Readers sent me tons of notes that the posts on creating an online portfolio and knowing when to leave a job really resonated with them. I pushed dozens of news organizations to make their fertility benefit offerings more transparent.

Now, we’re turning the Cohort over to all of you. Moving forward, the Cohort will be written by a series of guest writers, and we want to hear your ideas. Every woman I’ve spoken with for The Cohort or at conferences or in my workplaces is committed to making newsrooms better, and we need every perspective to accomplish our goals.

I’ll still be writing occasionally for The Cohort and other outlets, and there’s still so many of you that I want to talk to. But I also want to spend 2019 reading and learning from all of you.

If you’re interested in writing, please contact Poynter managing editor Barbara Allen at ballen@poynter.org.

Editor’s Note:

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