Upcoming training offered for TV reporters, investigative journalists and caucus coverage

July 31, 2019

Your Weekly Training Digest from the Poynter Institute

For more than 40 years, Poynter has taught journalists how to find and tell the truth. Poynter faculty teach seminars and workshops at the Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida, and at conferences and organizations around the globe. Our e-learning division, News University, offers the world’s largest online journalism curriculum, with hundreds of interactive courses and tens of thousands of registered international users.

Each Tuesday, Poynter’s marketing team curates our newest and most relevant workshops, seminars, webinars and resources in the Weekly Training Digest newsletter. Starting today, we will also publish this roundup on poynter.org once monthly.

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TV Power Reporting Academy

Online, Sept. 10-Oct. 8; In-Person, Sept. 27-29

Some of the biggest names in local and network TV journalism are graduates from this program, including John Larson and Byron Pitts. Now, it’s your turn to gain the skills and confidence to elevate your career in broadcast. During this training, you will get individual feedback on your work, hone your critical thinking and learn to find the stories that others miss. If you’re a member of NABJ, NAHJ, AAJA or NAJA, you are eligible for a scholarship that cuts tuition in half. Cost: $499. Deadline: Aug. 9. Apply now.

Will Work for Impact: Fundamentals of Investigative Journalism

Online Group Seminar, Sept. 3-30

This online group seminar will help you build an investigation, from the seed of an idea to a powerful execution. Over the course of four weeks, award-winning investigative journalist Alexandra Zayas will break down the process to help you think about what kinds of stories to choose, how to build a bulletproof case and how to maximize the chance your work will create change. You’ll learn from real-world scenarios to give your work an edge. Cost: $399. Apply now.

How to Cover the Iowa Caucuses

In-Person, Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, Sept. 20-23

Join the Poynter Institute and Drake University for an intensive, four-day workshop to equip journalists covering the Iowa caucuses with the skills and savvy they need to best serve their audiences, hold candidates accountable and make ethical, informed choices about what to cover. Accepted applicants will learn both in the classroom and in the field. Hotel costs and most meals are covered for all participants. There are also limited travel scholarships available. Cost: Free for selected applicants. Admissions rolling. Deadline: Aug. 9. Apply now.

Trusting News Webinar Series

Webinar No. 1, Aug. 21 at noon Eastern

Empower your journalism organization to demonstrate credibility and earn trust with this series of five webinars led by Trusting News founder and director Joy Mayer. The first webinar — Aug. 21 is called “Invite Your Audience to Know Your Mission and Motivation.” Mayer will show you evidence-based strategies for getting your audience to view your work as credible and trustworthy. Cost: Free. Enroll now.


Leadership Academy
In-Person Teaching, The Poynter Institute, Oct. 6-11
Poynter‘s premier leadership program offers high-potential managers the chance to hone their leadership styles, update their understanding of management and media trends and tools, and receive personal coaching and feedback. Cost: $1,595. Deadline to apply: Sept. 13. Apply now

Essential Skills for Rising Newsroom Leaders
In-Person Teaching, The Poynter Institute, Dec. 8-13
This popular five-day seminar will give you the tools and confidence to lead and grow a staff of high-performing journalists. This course is ideal for new managers, leaders with little formal training or journalists about to get promoted. Cost: $1,395. Deadline to apply: Oct. 28. Apply now


Copyright in 2019: The Internet is Not Your Photo Archive
Webinar, Aug. 16 at 2 p.m. Eastern
This webinar will offer guidelines about how to obtain, source and secure license agreements for images that appear in your publication, and explore the tenets of fair use through recent copyright infringement cases. Cost: $29.95. Enroll now.

How to Cover the Arts on any Beat
Webinar, Sept. 10 at 1:45 p.m. Eastern
This webinar will give resource-strapped journalists sustainable approaches to incorporating arts coverage in business, government, education, features and breaking news stories. Cost: Free. Enroll now.

Reporting Workshop for Rising Stars
In-Person Teaching, The Poynter Institute, Oct. 13-16
The best reporters have a distinct style that not only earns praise, but moves the audience to engage and creates change. This four-day workshop is designed to mentor early-career journalists in a small-group setting to unlock their superstar potential.
Cost: $1,150. Deadline to apply: Aug. 16. Apply now.

The Power of Diverse Voices: The Poynter Minority Writers Workshop
In-Person Teaching, Poynter Institute, Nov. 7-10

The Power of Diverse Voices is a four-day seminar that helps journalists of color find their voice and build skills for writing opinion pieces and personal essays. You will learn both through instruction and intensive coaching in small writing groups. Cost: Free for selected applicants. Deadline to apply: Aug. 16. Apply now.