Starting Poynt

Online group seminar, apply by Feb. 23

New and aspiring managers will get the support they need to build a sturdy foundation and grow as leaders.

Race in America: Where Is the Coverage of Anti-Asian Harassment and Violence?

On Poynt, Feb. 25 at noon EST

Hear directly from national journalists about their experiences reporting on harassment and violence against Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) people and why the subject has gone under-reported.

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Resources for Educators and Students

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The full News University course catalog features more than 100 interactive courses for people interested in journalism, including Poynter’s competitive in-person teaching programs that now take place online. Explore by topic and by course type:

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Reporting in the Age of Social Justice (June 2021)

Becoming a More Effective Writer: Clarity and Organization (April 2021)

Diversity Across Curriculum (April 2021)

TV Power Reporting Academy 2021

Starting Poynt

Poynter Producer Project 2021

ACES In-Depth Editing Online Group Seminar (February 2021)

Poynter ACES Advanced Editing Certificate (February 2021)

Power Up: Leadership in Tough Times (February 2021)

Write Your Heart Out: The Craft of the Personal Essay (January 2021)

Language, Math and News Literacy Certificate

A Journalist’s Guide to Covering Jails and Police Reform

MediaWise Fact-Checking Certificate (Winter 2020)

MediaWise Fact-Checking 101 (Winter 2020)

Navigating Legal Challenges in Journalism

Reporting on the COVID-19 Vaccines

MediaWise for Seniors: Live Fact-Checking Seminar (Winter 2020)

MediaWise for Seniors: Self-Directed Fact-Checking Course (Winter 2020/21)

Becoming a More Effective Writer: Clarity and Organization (Fall 2020)

Will Work For Impact: Fundamentals of Investigative Journalism (Fall 2020)

young man holding I Voted sticker

MediaWise Voter Project Fact-Checking Certificate

Open Records Success: Strategies for Writing Requests and Overcoming Denials

Young adult voter at the voting booth

Fact-Checking 101 from the MediaWise Voter Project

Covering Jails and Justice: The 2020 Election Issues

The Weirdest Election “Night” Ever: Practical tools for sound election coverage

MediaWise for Seniors: Self-Directed Fact-Checking Course (Election 2020)

How to Report on 2020 Political Advertising on Facebook

Leadership Academy for Women in Media – September 2020

The Weirdest Election “Night” Ever: What journalists and election-watchers need to know about the 2020 elections and a working democracy

Survive and Thrive in Freelance and Remote Work

Power Up: Leadership in Tough Times (Fall 2020)

The TV News Toolbox for Teachers 

Dignity and Precision in Language

Female business leader

Leading a Local Newsroom Through Uncertain Times

Make Design More Inclusive: Defeat Unconscious Bias in Visuals

Reporter taking an online class

Power Up Your Reporting

High School Journalism Program 2021

Stay Sharp — and Safe — While Covering Protests

Getting Practical About Conflict

Niche newsletters: Bouncing Back From the COVID-19 Engagement Slump

Will Work For Impact: Fundamentals of Investigative Reporting (May 2021)

Kelly McBride

Inform, Soothe, Terrify? The Ethical Obligation of News During a Pandemic

Make Diversity a Priority During the Pandemic

Uncovering Stories from the 2020 Census

The Role of Jails in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Harness Crisis Analytics to Keep Growing Your Audience

COVID-19 Data Sources to Make Fact-Checking Easy

Leadership and Communication in the Coronavirus Era

Job-Hunting During a Pandemic

Newsroom Readiness Certificate

Kelly McBride

Newsroom Ethics in the Coronavirus Era

Clear, Strong Writing for Broadcast Journalism

Man at computer wearing headphones

Powerful Writing: Leverage Your Video and Sound

Young student engaged in learning

How to Effectively Teach Online

Poynter ACES Advanced Editing Certificate (Spring 2020)

Understanding Impeachment: A Guide for Journalists and Citizens

How to Avoid Being Sued: Defamation Law in the 21st Century

The Writing Process: 10 Steps for Coaching Writers

Investigating Jails

How to Cover the Arts on Any Beat (Webinar)

Trusting News Webinar Series

Picture of a phone screen in someone's hand showing the Instagram platofrm.

Copyright in 2019: The internet is not your photo archive

Building Successful News Partnerships

Mueller Book Club course card

PolitiFact’s Mueller Report Book Club Live

A Reporter’s Guide to Getting It Right

HIV in 2019: Stories Beyond a Medical Lens

Pay Attention: Legal Issues and Your Media Company

Curso práctico de verificación de hechos

Storytelling with Les Rose: Tips, Tricks and True Tales

Find Focus for Your Video Stories: A Poynter Tutorial

Dear Reader: Accomplish More With Your Newsletter

Conducting Interviews That Matter

Broadcast Writing: Write Like You Talk

Digital Tools to Improve Your Workweek

Choosing the Best Photos for the Story

How Newsrooms Can Use WhatsApp to Combat Fake News

Covering Jails: Addiction Behind Bars

The Flying Camera: Drone Photography Skills Webinar Series

Building Trust on Facebook

How to Surface Stories in a Saturated Social Media Environment with Dataminr

Covering Immigration Enforcement

Journalism Fundamentals: Craft & Values

Taking the Reins: Growing into Your Role as an Editor

Journalism and Trauma

News Sense: Building Blocks Of News

News Sense: The Building Blocks of News

Hooked on Junk News: Breaking Bad Habits and Rebuilding Trust in the Media

Getting It Right: Accuracy and Verification in the Digital Age

The Interview

Hands-On Fact-Checking: A Short Course

cleaning your copy

Cleaning Your Copy: Grammar, Style and More

Ethics of Journalism

Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing

Five Motivators to Engage Viewers: A Poynter Tutorial

Planning and Executing Your Strategy: Digital Experiences That Drive Results, Part 5

Grow Audience Via Social Media: Digital Experiences That Drive Results, Part 4

Starting Your Own Site 101: Lessons from Local, Part 5

Craft Effective Direct Outreach Messages: Digital Experiences That Drive Results, Part 3

How Local and National Journalists Can Work Together to Cover Breaking News: Lessons from Local, Part 4

Reporting on Polls: Headlines, Margins of Error and Other Fundamentals

The Art of the Link: Why Hyperlinks Matter and How to Do Them Well

Improve Search Optimization: Digital Experiences That Drive Results, Part 2

We Can’t Do More with Less — Here’s How to Say No: Lessons from Local, Part 3

Writing and Editing with Lane DeGregory

Target and Engage Your Audience: Digital Experiences That Drive Results, Part 1

Digital Experiences That Drive Results: Strategies for Creating Compelling Content Series

Planning and Design for the Big Story

Secrets of a Successful Newsletter: Lessons from the Lily

Making Emotional Connections With Local Audiences Through Design

Wikipedia: What Journalists Need to Know About One of the World’s Largest Websites

Fact-Check It: Digital Tools to Verify Everything Online

How Newsrooms are Making (Some) Money That’s Not from Advertising: Lessons from Local, Part 2

Investigative Reporting: From Numbers to Narrative

Turning Journalism Students Into Visual Storytellers

Leveraging Your Visual Journalism Skills Within the Organization

The Rights and Limitations of a Journalist to Photograph and Record in Public

Five Small Things That Have Made a Big Difference in Local Newsrooms: Lessons from Local, Part 1

Covering Mass Shootings

Getting Off the Beaten Path: Opportunities for Journalists in Marketing

10 Keys to Improve Recruitment and Retention of a Diverse Staff

Audience Analytics for Reporters

Covering the American Muslim Community: Ideas and Insights to Guide Your Reporting

Upgrade your Transcription and Audio Editing Workflows with Descript

Writing with Voice and Structure with Lane DeGregory

Living Under the Volcano: What Every Journalist Needs to Know About the News Business

The Art of the Interview with Lane DeGregory

Cultivating Local News Communities with Facebook Groups

Sweat This, Not That: Real Rules vs. Grammar Myths

Reporting on the Cannabis Industry

Untangling the Weeds: Strategies for Substantive Editing

Freedom of Information and Your Right to Know

Avoiding Plagiarism and Fabrication

Poynter ACES Certificate in Accurate, Audience-Focused Editing

numeracy primer

Math for Journalists Certificate

A Creative Approach to Analytics

Investigative Reporting in the Wake of a Disaster

Where Do Good Story Ideas Come From with Lane DeGregory

Narrative Writing on Deadline

It’s All About the Voice: How to Make Your Writing Sing

Best Practices for Reporting on Mass Shootings

Copyright Law and Fair Use for Journalists

Telling Stories with Sound

Build Interactive Data Visualizations with Tableau Public: A Digital Tools Tutorial

Getting Beyond Stereotypes: Better Disability Journalism

How to Edit Marketing Materials with Savvy and Sense

Spotting the Red Flags: How to Verify Information

Understanding and Interpreting Polls

Understanding and Interpreting Polls (International)

Build and Monetize Reader Relationships with A Digital Tools Tutorial

Fact-Checking and Debunking: Covering Rumors, Hoaxes and Gossip

Curating Content: How to Aggregate Coverage

Slimming It Down: Cutting Content for Different Spaces

The Storyteller as an Investigator: How to Turn a Tip into an Investigation

Fundamentals of Editing

Clarity is Key: Making Writing Clean and Concise

The Art and Science of Editing

Beyond the Inverted Pyramid: Creating Alternative Story Forms

The Secret of Making Complicated Facts Easy Reading

Writing for the Ear

Introduction to Reporting: Beat Basics

Writing Online Headlines: SEO and Beyond

video camera

Start Your Video Story with a Strong Open: A Poynter Tutorial

Handling Race and Ethnicity

The Lead Lab

Democracy on Deadline: Take Your Coverage of U.S. Elections to the Next Level

Mining Stories from the 2020 Census

After the Texas Shooting: What Journalists Need to Know About Guns and Ammo

Lessons from Local: Innovation Strategies for Newsrooms Series

The Power of Public Records

The Power of Public Records

News Literacy Primer: How to Evaluate Information

Language Primer Certificate

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