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Elissa Yancey, MSEd, is an award-winning journalist, educator and writer. Her journalism work spans the late analog to completely digital age, which means she'd still prefer to meet sources in person than text them. After working in print and online news outlets for more than a decade, she became an editor at Cincinnati Magazine, where she led the custom publishing division to unprecedented growth. She left the job she loved to teach a new generation of journalists at the University of Cincinnati, where she worked as a faculty member and administrator for 10 years. In 2017, she followed her own career advice and launched E.Y. Ink. a communications consulting and educational development firm, so that she could pursue a broader range of educational, leadership and journalistic pursuits. Now an affiliate faculty member for Poynter, she also works as a senior editor for Wall Street Journal Custom Studios and works with a select group of clients in higher education, environmental journalism and civic engagement projects.

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