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Emilio Garcia-Ruiz

Managing Editor of Digital, The Washington Post

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz is the Managing Editor of Digital at The Washington Post. As the Managing Editor in charge of Digital, I stand in a unique role at the intersection of advertising, engineering and content creation, taking in a terrific view of the metamorphic disruption and opportunity that exists in media today. After working in all three areas, across desktop and mobile, at one of the world’s leading media companies I develop, implement and execute a complete digital strategy. I love the challenges and possibilities ahead and possess the creativity and determination needed to succeed. As an experienced manager of very large staffs, I have successfully led everything from cultural change to product development through empowerment and teamwork. I am responsible for digital initiatives and operations, video, the presentation departments of photo, graphics, and design, and the multiplatform editing desk. I drive innovation in the newsroom across all digital platforms and am the newsroom’s primary liaison with the business side on all digital efforts.

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