Poynter announces the 2022 Media Transformation Challenge Program Fellows

Poynter announces the 2022 Media Transformation Challenge Program Fellows

January 6, 2022

These 27 executives will begin the yearlong program, recognized for its unique tools, coaching support and interconnected alumni network, on Jan. 10.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Jan. 6, 2022) — The Poynter Institute, a global leader in journalism, fact-checking and media literacy education, is pleased to announce the 27 senior executives selected for the 2022 Media Transformation Challenge (MTC) Program: A Poynter Institute Executive Fellowship.

Since 2007, more than 300 senior media executives have realized critical performance results, built lifelong career skills and relationships, and made major contributions to industry transformation through this yearlong program (known industrywide as the original Punch Sulzberger Program at Columbia, led by Doug Smith through 2018).

The 2022 Fellows represent some of the biggest media brands in the world, including The Associated Press, The Atlantic, ABC News, BBC, CNN, GBH News, NPR, Reuters and Southern California Public Radio, as well as leading-edge nonprofit news organizations testing new audience approaches and business models. Incoming Fellows will learn and apply MTC’s well-known tools of performance-driven change, have yearlong access to a full slate of diverse executive coaches (including a personal coach), and connect with a world-class set of former Fellows since 2007 who share common language and program experiences.  

Fellows will begin the MTC program remotely on Jan. 10, 2022, under the leadership of executive director Charlie Baum, joined by coaches Quentin Hope, Karen Gordon, Robyn Tomlin, Amanda Barrett, Stephane Mayoux and Lauren Gustus.

“I’m deeply grateful for this very diverse, talented incoming class, and we’re excited to begin a new set of MTC journeys,” said Baum. “Thank you to all the program alumni and supporters who helped bring together this particular group of Fellows.”

Several Fellows are supported through the generosity of the Google News Initiative, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the American Journalism Project. 

Poynter welcomes the 2022 MTC Fellows: 

Sabina Allen

Brian De Los Santos

Sam Farah

Candice Fortman (Knight Fellow)

Allison Hoffman

Mukhtar Ibrahim (GNI Fellow)

Anup Kaphle

Jake Kreinberg

Rigel Lugo

Irene McKisson (GNI Fellow)

Michael Morisy (Knight Fellow)

Jessi Navarro

Kirit Radia

Maria Reeve

Kelsey Ryan (GNI Fellow)

Katy Searle

Linda Shapley (GNI Fellow)

Linda Shaw (GNI Fellow)

Annie Shreffler

Manav Tanneeru

Troy Thibodeaux

Andrea Valdez

Ron Vample

Jerome Vaughn (GNI Fellow)

Joanna Webster

Danyelle White

Kenya Young

About the Media Transformation Challenge Program

The Media Transformation Challenge (MTC) Program: A Poynter Institute Executive Fellowship is a yearlong fellowship and leadership program designed for senior news executives. Fellows identify and pursue the most significant business performance challenge they face and deliver real results with help from MTC’s trademark tools, concepts, coaches, peer group, and alumni network. This program has over 300 active alumni with strong ties to the program leadership and coaches. 

MTC began as the Sulzberger Executive Leadership Program at Columbia in 2006-07 under the direction of program architect Douglas K. Smith. Since January 2020, Poynter has been home to this program, and Charlie Baum has been the executive director. A different program in leadership, network and methodology now operates under the Sulzberger name at Columbia. 

The coaches for the 2022 MTC program include longtime coaches Karen Gordon and Quentin Hope, as well as Stéphane Mayoux, Robyn Tomlin, Amanda Barrett and Lauren Gustus.

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