Poynter Raises Newsroom Leaders

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There has never been a more critical moment to invest in newsroom leaders.

As news organizations transform to meet audience demands, their leaders face complicated challenges amid diminishing resources. Ownership models are changing. Digital success is a moving target. Attacks on the media in the era of “fake news” bring into question the nature of truth.

Excellent journalism is essential to a healthy democracy. We need journalism’s leaders to be skilled, visionary and principled.

At the forefront of this mission, The Poynter Institute is offering more leadership programs than ever since our founding in 1975. We are continuing to enhance our flagship leadership programs, the Leadership Academy and Essential Skills for Rising Newsroom Leaders, and strengthen new programs that focus on diversity in leadership. Our teaching includes:

  • Leadership Academy – Premier seminar for experienced, high-performing managers
  • Leadership Academy for Women in Media – Seminar for women and nonbinary managers, now offered three times per year  (see all the important work we do for women in journalism)
  • Lead With Influence – Online group seminar for women and nonbinary people who manage big responsibilities — such as processes, products or platforms — but no direct reports
  • Leadership Academy for Diversity in Media – Seminar for diverse digital leaders, in partnership with The Washington Post
  • Essential Skills for Rising Newsroom Leaders – Seminar for new managers and rising leaders, offered twice per year
  • Table Stakes: Poynter’s Local News Innovation Program – Intensive, yearlong program for senior executives to transform their newsroom to audience-focused, digital organizations
  • Executive Leadership Summit – Focused online series for leaders who are No. 1 or 2 in their organization

Beyond our intensive leadership programs, our leadership faculty write about the topic on Poynter.org and conduct custom teaching for newsrooms and other organizations.

Why Poynter?

Regularly described as “transformative” and “life-changing,” Poynter’s leadership programs help newsroom leaders expand their influence and impact. Here’s how:

  • Attention to both personal and professional growth. Our programs are designed to strengthen journalism through leadership, which necessarily means tackling the industry’s biggest challenges like digital sustainability and ethics. But we believe change starts with the individual. We help leaders solicit personal feedback, see their strengths and expand their communication skills.
  • One-on-one coaching. Each Poynter leadership workshop includes one-on-one coaching. Participants choose their coach and work on personal development and organizational strategy. These sessions help participants translate theory and insight into practical ideas they can implement in their newsroom right away.
  • Community building. There is power in realizing you’re not alone. Reliably, the most meaningful – and effective – feature of Poynter training is the community we create. We design each training session to facilitate conversation and group work, building bonds between people struggling to solve the same issues. These participant-led communities exist beyond our training in Facebook groups, peer coaching websites, conference meet-ups, and the personal relationships that support and sustain participants as they continue striving in their careers.

How You Can Support Leadership in Journalism

Poynter is recognized as the global leader in journalism. Our dedication to excellence in leadership is demonstrated through our in-person and online training, effective community building and explanatory reporting. This work is essential to the future success and sustainability of journalism as a function of democracy. You can help elevate this work and protect democracy:

Make an individual contribution. 
One person can make a difference. Your generous donation of $300 can support a specific program, operational costs, or help alleviate travel costs for journalists.

Become involved. 
Interested in being a partner, instructor or vendor? We’re always looking for the best talent to elevate our leadership training.

Sponsor training.
Become the naming or supporting sponsor for one of our leadership programs. In addition to program branding, you’ll also get to attend our exclusive and transformational teaching.

Endow the program. 
Are you dedicated to promoting excellence in journalism through all of our initiatives? Please endow our leadership training.

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