Morning Meeting – Thursday, March 21, 2002

July 24, 2002
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Thursday, March 21, 2002

Dog Parks
Have you looked at the growing popularity of dog parks? It turns out they are also a singles hangout too. It’s a growing phenomenon with more than 600 dogparks open now across the country, according to The website explains, “A dogpark is a place where people and their dogs can play together. As the name implies, these places offer dogs off-leash play areas while their people enjoy the park-like setting. Amenities, such as fencing, water, parking, and even grass, vary greatly among these places.”
Here is a directory to help you find the dogpark nearest you.
Here is a clickable map to help you find a nearby dog park.

Dogpark etiquette-the rules you should know
Here is a story from the SPTimes.

Campaign Finance Reform-What Does it Mean?
Washington Post collection

Ban the Web at Work?
Companies are considering dramatically curtailing, or even abolishing completely the online freedoms, on which employees have grown increasingly reliant over the past few years. Zdnet says, “For many employees at the company, Web surfing is confined to specially designated PCs, and the e-mail server has been tailored to intercept incoming e-mails which contain a range of file attachments, he said. Among the nearly 100 e-mail attachments outlawed by the company are: screen savers, digital greeting cards, and the ubiquitous “.exe,” or executable file, a standard format needed to run most computer applications and a common target for virus authors.”

March Madness Glossary
Here is a glossary for your coverage of the college basketball playoffs.

Find a Rhyme
Type in a word and instantly find words that rhyme with it. Great for headlines and over-the-shoulder graphics (TV)
Here is another rhyme engine to try