April 29, 2003
2009 NPPA Judges Hold High Standards in Turbulent Time
Kenny Irby, Apr. 3, 2009
Rocky Mountain News Chronicles Its Closing in Video
Regina McCombs, Mar. 3, 2009
NPPA: The Best of Television Photojournalism 2009
Poynter Online, Feb. 28, 2009
How to Handle Photos of Flag-Draped Coffins if Obama Lifts the Ban
Al Tompkins, Feb. 18, 2009
Inauguration Photo Manipulation Raises Questions
Sara Dickenson Quinn, Jan. 30, 2009
(Story includes archived chat session)
New Camera Angle on Obamas Focuses All Eyes on Inauguration
Kenny Irby, Jan. 22, 2009
Eddie Adams Workshop Boosts Freelance Photographer
Ryan K. Morris, Jan. 9, 2009
When Photojournalists Get Stuck Between Police, Protesters
Al Tompkins, Sept. 5, 2008
Iconic Image Blurred Along Its Global Trail
Bill Mitchell, July 10, 2008
Election Violence in Zimbabwe: The Story Behind the Photo
Kenny Irby, June 29, 2008
Photojournalism in the Age of Scrutiny
Kenny Irby, Sept. 15, 2006
Gordon Parks: From Country Boy to Renaissance Man
Kenny Irby, March 15, 2006
NPPA Best of Television Photojournalism 2006
Various Sources, March 10, 2006
Stock Photos: A Cheap and Royalty-Free Disaster Plan
Anne Van Wagener, March 3, 2006
Olympic Photos: Picks from the Photo Editors
Kenny Irby, February 25, 2006
Handling Abu Ghraib Images

Various Authors, Feb. 15, 2006
Staying Safe While Covering Katrina
Kenny Irby, September 9, 2005
Katrina Photos: A Gallery & Notes from Photo Editors
Kenny Irby, September 4, 2005
Best Practices: Images of Disaster and How They Were Captured
Kenny Irby, September 3, 2005
Covering Hurricanes (Various Subjects and Authors)
Collection of articles begins in September 2005
A Cinderella Story
Josh Crutchmer, April 2, 2005
NPPA Best of Television Photojournalism 2005
Various Sources, March 18, 2005
A Woman Calls the Shots
Beth Reynolds, February 8, 2005
APME Survey: Readers Balance Compassion
With Privacy When Considering Disturbing Images

Ryan Pitts, January 21, 2005
A Ray Of Hope, During a Dark Period
Kenny Irby, January 16, 2005
The Legacy of Eddie Adams
Anne Van Wagener, September 24, 2004
On the Campaign Trail, Seeing is Not Always Believing
Kenny Irby, August 31, 2004
The Coaching Life
Kenny Irby, July 12, 2004
Additional Resources for the News University eSeminar:
Handling the Horrible: Dealing with Shocking Images

David Shedden, May 20, 2004
The Story Behind the Lynndie England Interview
Al Tompkins, May 17, 2004
The (Photo) Revolution Has Begun
Steve Outing, May 12, 2004
Story Behind the Cover: Why We Used the Photo
Mariusz Ziomecki, May 11, 2004
War Images as Eyewitness
Kenny Irby, May 10, 2004
Death of a War Correspondent
Kehrt Reyher, May 10, 2004
The Accidental Photojournalist
Al Tompkins, May 10, 2004
It’s a Great Image. Now What?
Anne Conneen, May 10, 2004
Women Responsible for Coffin Image Reunite
Kenny Irby, May 1, 2004
Readers Respond to Fallujah Photos
Phil Shook, April 13, 2004
You Be the Editor
Roy Peter Clark, April 1, 2004
Beyond Taste: Editing Truth
Kenny Irby, March 29, 2004
NPPA Web Awards
Anne Conneen, March 26, 2004
Poynter Institute Hosts NPPA Judging
Kenny Irby, March 22, 2003
NPPA Best of Television Photojournalism 2004
Various Sources, March 12, 2004
Everybody Has a Job or Two
Steve Hartman, February 4, 2004
Suspended Photographer on Lessons Learned
Kenny Irby, September 26, 2003
A Photojournalistic Confession
Kenny Irby, August 24, 2003
Tough Calls on Hussein Corpse Photos
Al Tompkins, June 24, 2003
Raines Developed a Visual Legacy
Kenny Irby, June 6, 2003
Did Powerful Image Present an Unbalanced View?
Kelly McBride, April 14, 2003
NPPA: The Best of Photojournalism 2003
Poynter Online, April 3, 2003
L.A. Times Photographer Fired Over Altered Image
Kenny Irby, April 2, 2003
NPPA Awards the Best of Television Photojournalism 2003
Poynter Online, March 7, 2003
Iraq Coverage Resources
Various Authors, February 24, 2003
Photojournalist as Researcher
Gail Fisher, February 13, 2003
Beyond the Daily Assignments
J. Albert Diaz, February 13, 2003
A Trick of the Camera
Kenny Irby, January 30, 2003
New Light Shines on Bucs, Photojournalists
Kenny Irby, January 27, 2003
Magazine Covers: Photojournalism or Illustration?
Kenny Irby, January 2, 2003
Shooting Up On A-1
Kelly McBride, November 22, 2002
Photojournalism at the Edge
Robin Sloan, September 10, 2002
Why Photojournalism Matters
Kenny Irby, July 31, 2002
Triple Threat: The Convergence of Roger Richards
Al Tompkins, July 26, 2002
Pearl Photo: Too Harmful
Bob Steele, June 7, 2002
When The Visual Reality Hurts
Kenny Irby, September 15, 2001
Color, Contrast & Dimension in News Design
Pegie Stark Adam and Anne Conneen, August 6, 2001
Getting the Whole Picture
Al Tompkins, February 8, 2001
Ethics, Diversity, and Photography
Kenny Irby, September 22, 2000
When Disturbing Photos Run
Kenny Irby, September 22, 2000
Video Photography 101
Rich Murphy, July 26, 2000
What’s Missing in This Picture?
Kenny Irby, July 1, 1999
Hot Tips for Writing Photo Captions
Kenny Irby, January 1, 1997
Picture Homicide: A “Crucial Sense of Reality”
Kenny Irby, June 22, 1996
Covering Victims: Storytelling with Power and Respect
Bob Steele, May 1, 1996
The Art and Language of Photography
Kenny Irby, February 1, 1996

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