January 25, 2007

Time for the annual year-end roundup
of our favorite Web Tips. The idea is to put together a list of
the most useful tips, Web sites and columns from the past year so that
you can have them all in one place. You’ll find mine below. Jon Dube’s
favorites, in Part II of this column, are here.

A big thank you and season’s greetings to Poynter readers. We
rely on you for tips and feedback to do our work (speaking of readers,
please join the 100+ of them who are helping with the Web Tips Frappr
Project details below).

Here are my favorite tips.

Improve Your Work:

Sites & Services:

Reporter Resources:

Don’t forget to check out the 2004 (Sree|Jon) and 2003 (Sree|Jon) editions of Save This Tip.

If you’re into year-end lists, you need to check out one of my favorite compilations, the annual list of year-end lists that’s running on Fimoculous.com (in 2004, the list had 550 lists and is well en route to a similar number for this year. I wrote a column back in October 2003 about my love for lists).

Your turn: send me sites you like at poynter@sree.net (include your name, affiliation and city)

NOTE: WEB TIPS FRAPPR PROJECT — Help us create a collaborative media project by joining 100+ of our readers at http://www.frappr.com/poynterwebtips.

When you get there, click on “add yourself” on the right of your screen.

If you live in the U.S., put in your name and zip code. Attach a
photo (if you wish — optional!). Remove the “Create a Frappr Account
for me” (if you don’t want one) by clicking on checkbox. Hit “Add Me.”

If you live outside the U.S., put in your name, then click on “Not
in the U.S.? Click Here.” Start typing your city and a menu with your
city should show up. Attach a photo (if you wish — optional!).
Remove the “Create a Frappr Account for me” (if you don’t want one) by
clicking on checkbox. Hit “Add Me.”

We’ll watch this little project grow in the months ahead. Meanwhile, I am still working on my follow-up column about Social Networking for Journalists and looking to connect with readers at LinkedIn.com.

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