Barbara Martinez: Marketing, Fair Value and Connecting the Dots

November 20, 2008
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Barbara Martinez is managing editor for the Web for GlobalPost, a world news site launching early next year. She previously worked on the startup of Politico. In response to the closing question at Poynter’s “Who Will Pay for the News” conference, “What should happen now to maximize our chances of having robust journalism five years from now?” Martinez offered four suggestions:
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    “Journalism needs marketing. It needs to be presented and promoted, particularly to gain users who are young.

  • “Media organizations should demand fair pay for the content they produce. I’m referring particularly to advertisers paying for the readers that content delivers.
  • “While foundation support can help some underreported topics gain coverage, it cannot fulfill the democratic purpose of traditional media organizations. Therefore it would be better for foundations to support models that plan to become self-sustaining.
  • “It would be helpful for Poynter to connect these dots among all participants.”