What Cities Need From Barack Obama

November 14, 2008
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Msnbc.com asked mayors in more than 200 cities in 48 states and Puerto Rico what advice they have for President-elect Barack Obama.

The work is remarkable not just for its content but for the interactive display msnbc.com used to tell the story. You will see a legend on the right side of the map that lists the advice by topic. You will also see the responses plotted by city. I have never seen a survey like this one.

The mayor of Weatherford, Texas, is asking for help in building power grids that can carry electricity from wind farms. The mayor of Olean, N.Y., wants money for wastewater treatment. The mayor of Washougal, Wash., wants a “Main Street Stimulus Package.” The mayor of Tulsa, Okla., needs help funding public transit.

This is not only worth your time — it is worth sharing in your editorial meeting as a smart and useful way to tell stories online.

Here is the full text of survey responses.