Who Will Pay for the News? New Blog Tracks the Answers

January 14, 2009
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Every day, with increasing urgency, journalists and the people they serve are confronting the question of how news will be transformed and sustained. The answers are mostly tentative, sometimes intriguing and occasionally encouraging.

They portray a future of news that looks cloudy and complicated. But the idea behind this blog is clear and simple: track those answers as usefully as possible.

NewsPay has its roots in a conference Poynter convened in November to explore what can be done now to enhance the chances of discovering workable economic models for news.

Bill Densmore, who heads the Journalism that Matters initiative, documented the proceedings in a Wiki. He quoted Paul Tash, chairman of Poynter and the newspaper it owns, the St. Petersburg Times, as pushing the group to produce something more than “a white paper that doesn’t get read.”

In addition to this blog, Poynter library director David Shedden is aggregating resources that users will be able to access by whatever areas of journalism’s transformation they’re addressing, especially economic models to sustain the work. Learn more about NewsPay here.