New York Post iPad app enables users to create and share front pages

October 26, 2010
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Village Voice
According to Foster Kamer, if you live in New York City, you must own the New York Post iPad app “as soon as humanly possible.”

Yes, Kamer likes the design and functionality of the app, which launched last week. He describes the layout of the stories as acting like “slot-machine reels,” which is accurate. But what he really likes:


The emphasis there is all his. The Post app provides a small selection of cover images and lets users write their own headlines and share their creations. Kamer explains:

“Now, tragically, you cannot use your own photos as front-page New York Post covers. It’s the one place this app truly falls short, and something we’ll be causing a stink about in due order. But for the time being, you’re given your choice of three covers, and your color of font, size of font, and positioning of headline. From there, you can save it to a gallery on your app, or send it to a friend.”