WP veterans Williams, Cypress join NPR investigative team

October 1, 2010
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Memo to NPR News staff

From: [NPR deputy managing editor of investigations] Susanne Reber
Sent: Thu 9/30/2010 4:48 PM
Subject: I team announcement


I’m happy to announce two new colleagues who will be joining NPR’s Investigative team in the next few weeks. Let me welcome Margot Williams and Alicia Cypress.

Margot Williams will join the team as a database editor/correspondent. Margot’s career at both The Washington Post and The New York Times is something of a legend in the investigative reporting world. She pursued jihadists online, uncovered the names of persons who died in U.S. immigration detention, investigated Iraq war contractors and followed the money (and private jets) of mayors, governors, senators, presidential candidates, and ex-presidents. And she has spread her passion for investigative journalism – and her incredible ferreting skills — at her numerous workshops over the years both nationally and internationally.

During 14 years at The Washington Post, Margot contributed to every important story from the Clinton impeachment to the Washington sniper to Enron to the Capitol police shooting to the 2000 presidential election deadlock to the 9/11 attacks. She was a member of two Washington Post Pulitzer Prize-winning teams, for a 1998 investigation of DC police shootings of civilians and then again in 2001 for national coverage of terrorism.

In the aftermath of 9/11 at the Washington Post and later at the New York Times, she investigated the network of jets and shell companies involved in the transport of terrorism suspects among secret prisons around the globe. She compiled the first list of the Guantanamo detainees — years before their names were made public — and created the comprehensive Guantanamo database on the Times web site.

Alicia Cypress will join the team as web editor to help us craft our web packages and help build on the work we’ve been doing with digital news and the multimedia team. Alicia comes to us from washingtonpost.com where she has worked for 16 years. She is known as a sharp editor who is passionate about the craft of journalism. She has worked on all aspects of online news, building compelling features and sections to complement the print journalism.

She was the founding editor of the Post’s Tech podcast, edited the Business section and founded their “Green” page on the environment. More recently Alicia was chosen to represent the web to consult on workflow, building and training while the Post implemented a new content management system.

Margo and Alicia will both join us at the end of October.