‘All publishers long to hire Kinsley, and most have’

April 28, 2011
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Michael Kinsley is leaving Politico — he’s been a columnist there since September — for Bloomberg View. “Kinsley’s inability to hold a job — I mean, Kinsley’s restlessness — speaks to no character flaw,” writes Jack Shafer. “He does what every man and woman would do if it were in their power: He works at a place as long as he likes it. When the day arrives that he no longer likes his job, he puts it in a box, wraps it in pretty paper and a bow, and tosses it to the curb.”

* September 1981: Kinsley quits New Republic to become Harper’s editor
* February 2002: Kinsley steps down as founding editor of Slate
* April 2004: Kinsley named Los Angeles Times editorial page editor
* June 2006: Kinsley to join the Guardian as American editor at large
* May 2010: Kinsley’s “Editor at Large” debuts on The Atlantic Wire
* September 2010: Kinsley leaves the Atlantic to write a weekly Politico column