Chicago Tribune defends decision to pass on this week’s ‘Doonesbury’

September 13, 2011
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Chicago Tribune | Wonkette |

After bloggers blasted it for not running this week’s Sarah Palin-related “Doonesbury” strips, the Chicago Tribune denied it was censoring Garry Trudeau’s work and repeated that “the remarks are serious enough that we cannot publish the strip without more information, context and a response from Palin.” Wonkette called the paper’s excuse for not running the strip “weird,” while Andrew Sullivan asks: “Did they treat Palin’s own delusional “Going Rogue” as if it had been fact-checked? It wasn’t.” In the Tribune’s comments section, a reader tells the paper: “Don’t come up with clever rationalizations of why you won’t run a cartoon that’s critical of Sarah Palin – you insult yourself and your readers.” || @MikeRiggs: “The Joe McGinniss excerpts Gary Trudeau is posting are pretty upsetting. Has anybody fact-checked the book?” || Read today’s strip.


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