CJR blasts The Oklahoman’s ‘puff treatment’ of Anschutz

September 28, 2011
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CJR.org | The Oklahoman
The Oklahoman’s Randy Ellis writes in his profile of Philip Anschutz: “Most Oklahomans probably know little about the soon-to-be new owner of OPUBCO, which includes The Oklahoman.” The reporter goes on to list the Denver billionaire’s holdings, his desire for privacy, and his appreciation of “family values.” But CJR’s Ryan Chittum points that “the paper leaves out critical context about his financing of conservative organizations” and wonders if reporter Ellis’s mention of Anschutz’s family values Is code for “finances anti-gay issues” and misinformation about evolution. (I’ve emailed Ellis for comment.) “Most ridiculous of all,” says Chittum, is that “The Oklahoman disabled comments on every story it has published so far about Anschutz. Weak.”