Congress to live-stream opening session on Facebook

January 5, 2011
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U.S. House Speaker John Boehner and cable network C-SPAN will present dueling live video streams on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon as the 112th Congress convenes.

Radhika Marya reports that Boehner will offer video coverage on the “Pledge to America” Facebook page, and C-SPAN will do the same on its own page.

Marya writes that the opening day activity reflects increased attention to social media on Capitol Hill. She writes:

“Nick Schaper, Boehner’s director of digital media, told CNN that the real-time stream will help ‘set the tone for a new majority that will continue to find new ways to listen to and better represent the American people.’ “

C-SPAN plans continued use of Twitter in its coverage and, Marya reports, the network will be adding “fact-based tips” to congressional locations for viewers using Foursquare.