‘Countdown’ goes from MSNBC to Current ‘without major incident or much innovation’

June 21, 2011
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Washington Post
Keith Olbermann “picked up right where he left off when he and MSNBC abruptly parted ways five months ago,” writes Hank Stuever. He asks: “Does Olbermann mean for all his guests to be male (John Dean; Politico reporter Kenneth Vogel; Moore; Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas)?” || Alessandra Stanley (NYT): Olbermann bizarrely noted that he isn’t the only person to start a new career on June 20 — Queen Victoria began her reign on the same day. || Tim Molloy (The Wrap): Olbermann joins the long list of people who do more harm to their cause than good. || Eric Deggans (St. Pete Times): “This should be a show I love a lot more than I do.” || David Zurawik (Baltimore Sun): “An impressive premiere” — for the first 58 minutes.


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