Did Steve Jobs salutes turn snarky too soon?

November 3, 2011
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The New York Times
Tributes to Steve Jobs were published immediately upon news of his October death. Those salutes turned snarky within 18 hours, says Alex Williams. “There was a time when the gloves stayed put after the death of a legend,” Williams writes. “But the velocity with which Steve the Saint stories morphed into Steve the Sinner stories was striking, said Kurt Andersen, the novelist and former New York magazine editor. ‘It’s the speed of the news cycle writ large, in terms of legacy and existential worth,’ he said.” Walter Isaacson, whose biography was fodder for some praise and criticism of Apple’s founder, says it wasn’t fair to Jobs or his book to cherry pick the “Bad Steve” stories. “The way the book turns out, he developed a very loyal team who was very inspired by him, and he has a very loving family … In the end, you have to judge him on the outcome.’ “


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