Judge dismisses Fox News correspondent’s age, sex discrimination suit

August 26, 2011
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On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon sided with Fox News and dismissed an age and sex discrimination complaint filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of homeland and national security correspondent Catherine Herridge. “In doing so, Leon also opened a window into the kind of money flying around Fox’s Washington offices,” writes Mike Doyle. The judge notes:

Since her contract was up for renewal, Fox News sent Herridge a draft three-year employment contract in August 2008. In the draft, Fox News proposed a deal in which Herridge would receive $495,000 in year one, $530,000 in year two and $570,000 in year three.

Herridge wanted $900,000 in year one and promotion to anchor. Judge Leon called her salary demand “astronomical,” said she “utterly failed” to show financial injury, reports Doyle.