Newsweek newsroom ‘in a constant state of turmoil, uncertainty and confusion’

May 23, 2011
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Tina Brown “literally will order up double what she needs, so the cutting-room floor is getting very cluttered,” one recently departed Web staffer tells Lucia Moses. “She has no idea of the ripple effect of the process.” Howard Kurtz defends Brown, calling her a “high-energy editor” whose nonstop pace can be “dizzying” but who brings a “dynamism” to the newsroom. “I think Tina has a realistic sense of how to turn this ship around with the resources she has,” he says. || Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reports Brown has recruited U.K.-born historian, New Yorker magazine critic and Columbia University professor Simon Schama to write for Newsweek and The Daily Beast. “I look forward to writing about everything from politics to Picasso, barbecue to baseball–all in the same article should occasion call for it,” he says in a statement. Schama will continue to write for the New Yorker.


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