Report: Adweek’s Wolff to be replaced by editor with stronger ties to ad world

September 29, 2011
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The New York Post reported two weeks ago that Jimmy Finkelstein, who hired Michael Wolff to overhaul Adweek, was looking for a replacement after deciding that his editor is — in the Post’s words — “a controversial highbrow who has alienated old-line Madison Avenue types.” Wolff shrugged off that report — the second one in the Post in just weeks. Now Hamilton Nolan hears that as soon as today, Adweek bosses will announce that Wolff is being replaced by an editor with stronger ties to the advertising trade world. “You didn’t do a bad job, Michael Wolff,” writes Nolan. “You’re just not the man for this job. (And you’ll soon have a better job, I bet!)”