Romano quits WP to join Newsweek/Daily Beast

April 4, 2011
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National political correspondent Lois Romano has been at the Washington Post for nearly 29 years. She tells Romenesko:

I’ve had a wonderful ride at the Post, and I feel that I’m not leaving anything but going to a new and different opportunity. The decision was driven by a desire to stretch on another platform, and the chance work with an editor with an extraordinary record – Tina Brown. I will be writing on a wide variety of topics- politics, trends, women’s issues.

The Post memo is after the jump.

To: All Newsroom
04/04/2011 02:30
Subject: Staff News: Farewell to Lois Romano

We regret to announce that Lois Romano is leaving The Washington Post, after 29 extraordinary years, to join Newsweek/the Daily Beast.

Lois started her Post career in 1981 after the Washington Star folded, and wrote for the Style section until 1995. During that time she became a specialist at writing political profiles and covering the Washington scene.

She pioneered what became and remains the premier Washington gossip and personality column, “The Reliable Source.”

Lois has been a National correspondent anchored in the Southwest, covered the Oklahoma City bombing trials, and has been critical to our coverage of national politics and presidential campaigns for the past two decades.

She is a smart, fierce reporter known for her skill at getting people to open up to her. We will miss her greatly but wish her success.



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