Survey: 49% of editors make news decisions based at least partially on web analytics reports

July 8, 2011
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Reynolds Journalism Institute
The Reynolds Journalism Institute reports that 90 percent of the 529 editors it surveyed said yes to the question: Does your newsroom receive Web analytics reports about data such as page views, length of visit, and traffic of your Web site? Forty-one percent said they receive the report daily; 24 percent once a week; and 24 percent once a month. Other findings:

* 45 percent of the editors surveyed say they do not interact with their audiences in the comments section of their websites.
* Only about half of respondents (52 percent) thought “collaboration with community” was either “very important” or “important.”
* 84 percent said yes to the question: Do you use social media such as Twitter or Facebook to interact with your audience?
* Newspapers with a weekday circulation of less than 25,000 (79%) create user-generated content significantly more than those whose weekday circulation is 25,000 or more (67%).

Read the detailed report.


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