The most popular story on the most visited news website is not about Steve Jobs

October 6, 2011
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Steve Jobs’ death topped many news sites’ lists of “Most Popular” stories on Thursday, including six of the top dozen U.S. news sites. Videos about the late Apple co-founder also topped some rankings.

Here are the top stories on each site.

1. Yahoo

2. CNN


4. AOL

5. New York Times

6. Fox News

7. ABC News

8. Huffington Post

9. Google News

10. Washington Post

  • iPhone 4S Roundup: Hands-on reactions” is the most popular story. While his legacy continues, stories about Jobs’ death do not appear on the site’s list of five most popular stories. The top three stories on the Post’s “Social Reader” feature, which lists posts that readers have shared on Facebook, are all about Jobs, though. And all of the site’s five most popular videos are about Jobs:

11. CBS news

12. USA Today


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