Wemple: ‘I could be critical of WP while working there, yet…’

May 26, 2011
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American Journalism Review
“I don’t want to cover the Post anymore, at least not even close to the degree that I once did,” says former Washington City Paper and TBD.com editor Erik Wemple, who was recently hired by the Washington Post. “The paper has an ombudsman, and if I have ideas on Post-centric stories, I will pass them along. The purpose of the media blog is to tilt at other outlets.”

His WP plans:

I want to create a lively blog that has lots of daily visitors, that has a worldview on media and that surfaces new and interesting material every day via reporting. I want to eat lunch at my desk every single day.

WP editorial page editor Fred Hiatt says of Wemple:

We at the Post got to know him when he was at City Paper, and he covered, among other things, the Post very intensively and not always comfortably for those of us who were subjects of his reporting. But he was thorough and very uncompromising and fair-minded. He’s somebody that I’ve admired from a distance for quite a while. He seemed like a natural for this subject.


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