AP story about Petraeus scandal mistakenly refers to “Florida socialist” Jill Kelley

November 16, 2012
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An early version of an Associated Press story about the David Petraeus resignation and ensuing scandal mistakenly referred to Jill Kelley as a “socialist” rather than a socialite.

The error made it onto many websites, as evidenced by Google:

Many sites have fixed the error, though the typo is still live on Breitbart.

Here’s how the uncorrected version of the story reads (emphasis mine):

WASHINGTON (AP) — The two women at the center of David Petraeus‘ downfall as CIA director visited the White House separately on various occasions in what appear to be unrelated calls that did not result in meetings with President Barack Obama.

A White House official said Paula Broadwell, who was writing a book about Petraeus and eventually became his paramour, attended meetings in June 2009 and June 2011 on Afghanistan-Pakistan policy in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which is located on the White House complex not far from the West Wing.

Florida socialist Jill Kelley, who initiated the investigation that ultimately unveiled Petraeus’ extramarital affair, and her sister had two “courtesy” meals at the White House mess as guests of a midlevel White House aide in September and October, the official said. Kelley and her family also received a White House tour on the weekend before the election.

Kelley told an FBI agent last summer that she had received threatening emails, later revealed to be from Broadwell. The investigation into those emails led to Petraeus’s resignation last week and acknowledgement of the affair.

Hat tip: Bob Kamman

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