Content going ‘everywhere’: WSJ extends premium subscriptions to Pulse newsreader

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One day after The New York Times announced an “NYT Everywhere” strategy that will extend subscriber content to Flipboard, The Wall Street Journal stepped up its own “Journal Everywhere” plan by selling premium content within the Pulse news aggregation app.

While the Times is offering full access to existing subscribers through Flipboard, the Journal will sell alternative subscriptions in Pulse to three narrower channels: WSJ Political Report or WSJ Technology Digest for $3.99 a month each, or a daily editors-choice section called WSJ Water Cooler for 99 cents a month.

A Wall Street Journal article, available in full through premium subscriptions in Pulse newsreader.

So a reader using Pulse subscriptions could get just the Journal’s technology or politics content for $47.88 a year, 82 percent less than the $259.48 annual cost ($4.99 a week) of a full digital subscription to the Journal’s own website and apps.

Pulse subscriptions will be handled through Apple’s in-app purchase system, and revenue will be shared between Pulse and the Journal (after Apple’s 30 percent cut), Bloomberg reports. Pulse, which claims 15 million users, has a strong Android user base and comes pre-installed on Amazon’s Kindle Fire. But for now, the premium subscription service is only available on Apple’s iOS devices, CEO Akshay Kothari tells me.

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