Denver Post to lay off copy editors, shift copy-editing to ‘content-generating level’

April 26, 2012
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Michael Roberts writes that his sources at the Post expect up to two-thirds of the copy-editing staff to be cut in a major workflow shift. My reading of the memo from Post Editor Gregory Moore is that reporters — the ones at the “content-generating level” — would edit one another’s work:

We have focused our attention on consolidating steps in the editing process so that traditional copy editing is done at the content-generating level. That is going to result in a reduction in the ranks of copy editors. Following this, virtually every job in the newsroom will change in some way. The editing and crafting of our copy will have to be shared throughout the newsroom.

Moore says in the memo that he’ll give details in a meeting Monday. I have sought comment from the Post and from Digital First Media; I’ll update if I hear back. || Update: Contra Costa Times editor announces similar changes, also resulting in staff cuts


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