Journalism professor accepts challenge to blog for Business Insider

May 31, 2012
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College Media Matters | Business Insider
When University of Tampa journalism professor Dan Reimold criticized Business Insider financial blogger Joe Weisenthal, Henry Blodget responded that Reimold “would fail miserably” if he tried to keep up with Weisenthal’s around-the-clock blogging and tweeting. Reimold responds, “Sir, just name the day.  I’ll pay for my own plane ticket.”  Blodget writes:

Let us know when you’ll be here (we can help with the place to stay). We’ll give you a desk right near Joe Weisenthal and you can crank for as long as you like. And we’ll also document the whole thing–our readers will love it. Can’t wait!

It looks like this thing is on.

There is some substance behind the chest-thumping. It goes something like this: Reimold said he wouldn’t hold Weisenthal up as a model for his students because he can’t separate himself from his work, he’s often wrong and he doesn’t write deeply.

Blodget’s take is that Reimold wants to write magazine pieces and that Mr. Professor doesn’t understand digital journalism. Besides, he writes, “People who love their jobs often work very hard.”

To that last point, Reimold writes:

Journalism is changing. Yes, the old school can do it better. But so can you. If you want to hold up your site as a model for quality journalism and the type of nonstop hell you apparently put your best employee through as the inevitable future work shift, that’s on you. That doesn’t mean we all have to agree with it.

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