New Yorker’s Remnick explains why magazine didn’t link the word ‘screwball’ in story

January 31, 2012
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Ad Age
Jason Del Ray recounts New Yorker Editor David Remnick’s explanation of how the magazine thinks about “digital accoutrements” such as linking:

He also said that The New Yorker is continuously exploring when digital accoutrements actually add to the reader’s experience and when they may detract from storytelling. He referred specifically to a conversation he had with longtime New Yorker contributor Roger Angell about the idea of hyper-linking the word “screwball” in a passage that explained how the pitch is thrown and why it follows the path it does. In the end they decided a link — which would have brought readers to video of the pitch in action — should not be included.

“It is artistically deflating,” he said.

Having never been accused of being an artist, I present: a screwball in action. And for my encore: a Wiffle ball screwball in action. || Related: Remnick loves his iPad, but not Twitter and not reading on his phone (The Wrap) | New iPad app aggregates only long-form journalism (Poynter)


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