Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News vacate ‘Tower of Truth’

July 9, 2012
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Staff of the Inquirer and started unpacking at their new home this morning, to be followed by their Daily News colleagues later this week, reports Their new headquarters is a former Strawbridge & Clothier department store, which doesn’t carry quite the mystique of their last place, nicknamed the “Tower of Truth.”

The Inquirer has chronicled the history of the old building in photos, and reporter Alfred Lubrano did so in words, starting with the building’s four-faced clock:

The clock has rung its Westminster chimes in 15-minute intervals (save for the hours between midnight and 7 a.m.) since 1925.

And, as the clock has marked the time for generations of Philadelphians, The Inquirer has endeavored to explain that time.

Time is the basic unit of journalism. Every 24 hours for the last 87 years, the paper that’s housed in what is lovingly or ironically called the Tower of Truth has described what people have done with the minutes of their lives: from the Scopes “monkey” trial about evolution, featured on Page One of that July 13 paper, through the Great Depression, Hitler, the baby boom, civil rights, Vietnam, Rizzo, Legionnaires’ disease, Three Mile Island, Dr. J, MOVE – all the way to Obama, Romney, and the strange year Cliff Lee is having.

And now it’s all changing.

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