Storify introduces new feature to make individual story elements more sharable

May 7, 2012
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Storify | Lost Remote
Storify has introduced a new feature that enables users to share individual social media posts within a story. Users, for instance, can now share a tweet on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ or via email right from the Storify that the post is embedded in.

Co-founder Burt Herman, who announced the feature at the Mashable Connect conference Friday, said it gives users more opportunities to share Storify content across multiple platforms.

Here’s what users see when they click on the “share” button.

“We want to spark more dialogue and interaction — even when the content’s embedded on another site — and really create some conversations around it,” Herman said in an interview. “We really see Storify as a way to unify content from all different social networks and bring it together in a way that makes sense and is agnostic to any social network.”

Additionally, users can now “like” and comment on any post within a Storify.

Storify also made some design changes to create a cleaner interface, Herman said. Instead of a person’s Twitter avatar appearing in the bottom right-hand corner next to his or her Twitter handle, a larger version of it now appears on the left-hand side of the text — similar to the appearance of a tweet. “Eventually, we’d like to have different templates for stories,” Herman said.

Storify’s new changes prompted Elana Zak to ask: Can we make Storify a social network?

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