Storify iPad app should draw more users and live coverage

February 22, 2012
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Storify’s brand-new iPad app unveiled this morning should extend the curation tool to new, more-casual users and increase the live-blogging of conferences and events.

The new Storify iPad app enables easy, intuitive story building.

In general, the app offers the same service the Web version of Storify does. But its touch-based interface is more intuitive for drag-and-drop story building. And the availability on a portable device now means more people can Storify an event live. There’s also a new feature to tweet from within the app, so you can quickly post your own updates while curating others’.

Some other details worth knowing:

  • The app does not offer login via Twitter or Facebook like the website does, so you’ll need to set up a unique Storify password to use it.
  • Content sources offered: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and a Web browser for adding page links.
  • Facebook content is limited. You can only access photos of yourself, no status updates or other post types.
  • The app has a landscape-orientation mode only, you can’t hold the iPad upright while you use it.

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