Stumped New York Times reporter crowdsources ID of a rare bomb

February 1, 2012
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The New York Times
Senior writer C.J. Chivers (a former Marine) knows his way around battlefield munitions, but for six months he and other experts have been stumped trying to identify an unusual cluster bomb found in Libya. So he posted photos and a backstory on the “At War” blog, asking, “Can you help?” Chivers is not worried about losing a scoop:

“As for competition from any other news organizations or Web sites, well, in this case there is none. This is about trying to get it right, so that the world will know more about who provided the Qaddafi government its arms, and when, and so that those who have to clear these DPICM’s will know more of their technical characteristics. At War is collegial. If another site takes on this job and figures this out, that is a very good thing. Let us know, and we will follow you and credit you here.”

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