A look at Glenn Greenwald’s bench so far

November 15, 2013
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Ryan Devereaux, a freelance writer who’s written for The Nation, Rolling Stone and The Guardian, announced Friday morning that he was joining Glenn Greenwald’s new media venture.


To date, Greenwald and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar have added former Rolling Stone editor Eric Bates, former Huffington Post correspondent Dan Froomkin, Nation associate editor Liliana Segura, former Nation reporter Jeremy Scahill and filmmaker Laura Poitras to the bench.

In other coverage of the international surveillance story that made Greenwald famous, BuzzFeed profiles Greenwald’s companion, David Miranda, and details his detention at Heathrow Airport:

David Miranda knew exactly what he was doing. To believe he was played as some type of dupe or mule by Greenwald not only ignores the real nature of their relationship but also assumes that there’s some safer way to transport sensitive documents across the globe. Is there any device more fail-safe and secure than the person you love the most? Does Apple make that sort of product?


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