Anchor begs viewers: Stop sending photos of snow-covered patio furniture

November 26, 2013
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Last week, KUSA-TV anchor Kyle Clark pleaded with viewers to stop sending in pictures of snow-covered patio furniture. Since it aired Nov. 21, his rant been called epic. It’s also pretty funny, which is probably why it’s gone viral.

Taking such pictures is easy, Clark says, and that’s precisely the problem. “Are we really a state that takes the easy way out? We blasted a road through the Rockies. We put a cliff inside a Mexican restaurant. Our welcome sign is a demon horse with crazy laser eyes. We don’t do easy around here.”

Reached by email, Clark says his executive producer, Linda Kotsaftis, suggested he write the essay, and he “never expected it to get much traction.”

I just thought it we’d share a quick laugh with our viewers. Now, it’s all over the place. I can see how people who don’t live in Colorado and haven’t heard us joke around about it on-air must think I came uncorked randomly.

I do a few essays a year, never before in the style of a “rant.” I’ll likely continue to do sporadic essays but I try not to have any two look or feel alike.

The piece has prompted a wave of beautiful and creative winter photos, but I do expect a retaliatory deluge of patio snow photos the next time it snows. It’s only fair. In fact, it’ll be kind of funny.

Clark set the scene for what he guessed would be his first and last editorial on Twitter November 20.


Then, he properly prepared.

He offered followers a few tips before his piece aired.

He predicted what would probably happen next.

And then, reactions.

And some were quite angry.

And a prediction of things to come.

After this piece was published, the Weather Channel made a play for Clark’s viewers: