Boston Globe did a good job using Twitter after Marathon bombings, Twitter says

July 10, 2013
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Twitter “became a crucial part of the journalist’s toolkit” after the Boston Marathon bombings, Twitter Data Editor Simon Rogers writes. The Boston Globe used the microblogging service particularly well:

In the midst of a deluge of information over that week, the Globe remained a credible channel of news, sifting through reports to highlight verified and important information. The Globe used Twitter as a news distribution channel tweeting a lot — and retained and enhanced its credibility.

Mentions of the Globe’s content jumped in the days following the blasts:

Seth Mnookin, who reported on the manhunt for bombing suspects on his way home from work, tells Rogers “for those three or four hours when a gunman was on the loose and a neighborhood was under siege, Twitter was the most efficient way to get information out to the public.”

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