BuzzFeed to build a ‘social video studio’

May 28, 2013
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BuzzFeed | All Things D

BuzzFeed will construct a “social video studio” in Los Angeles, the company announced Tuesday. The facility will include a “coffee shop and store where influencers, thinkers and celebrities will be able create informal videos made for the social web. The team will grow to over 30 people in the coming months.”

The content will be exclusive to YouTube. BuzzFeed also announced a partnership that gives the Web news organization access to CNN’s video archives so it can “create unique mash-up news videos” and lists. That content will appear on as well as on “CNNBuzzFeed,” a new YouTube channel. Here’s a first, rather treacly video:

In other deals-over-the-weekend news, Yahoo, which bought Tumblr and is reportedly making a bid for Hulu, is mulling “at least two other significant purchases — in the $150 million to $200 million range,” Kara Swisher reports. The Internet company is interested in purchasing “a mobile and a communications company,” Swisher writes.


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