Fath Carter regrets doing interview with Sports Illustrated after being accused of making ‘unfounded’ statements

September 13, 2013
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Responding to questions about the validity of statements he provided to Sports Illustrated, Fath Carter says he “should have never interviewed with SI.”

Sports Illustrated had interviewed Carter, a former Oklahoma State football player, for a series about improprieties in the school’s football program. The series found that players were being paid and given favorable grades.

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy said many of Carter’s statements in the series were inconsistent with documents ESPN obtained.

Among the claims by Carter that are not supported by university documents were that he graduated from the school and attended classes in 2004 with running back Tatum Bell in which the professor gave them failing grades because their eligibility had expired.

Another discrepancy was from running back Dexter Pratt, who told SI that in his first semester, in 2009, every course he took was online. According to university records, Pratt took three online courses and two actual classes.

Former player Tatum Bell has also disputed some of Carter’s statements involving him.

Carter says he “only told [SI] I had a background in education” and that “never told them anything about having two degrees,” according to Oklahoma’s KOTV.