For Veterans Day, some newspapers tell love stories

November 11, 2013
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Newseum | The Washington Post | CJR | Time

Most of the country’s newspapers led the day with images of flags, or veterans, young and old, together and alone, remembering and trying to forget. But a few newspapers told love stories.

The Gainesville Sun fronts a story from the Salisbury (N.C.) Post that’s woven through letters during World War II.

And The Current tells one of two vets who found each other while healing after combat.

There’s also The Advocate, which tells the story of Emiline Anne Bourgeois, Louisiana’s oldest female vet.

And on the front of the Pocono Record, you can make out some blurry vets in the background, but Leatherneck, the English bulldog on the skateboard, kind of steals the spotlight.

Beyond the front pages, The Washington Post provides a graphic map illustrating what each state’s veteran population looks like. In Columbia Journalism Review, Jina Moore writes about photojournalists working to get past cliched images from war. And on Sunday, Time began the first in a series telling the story of an Iraq vet who survived an IED attack and, eventually, began working in comedy. The documentary film about him, “Healing Bobby,” can be found here.


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