Mila Kunis helps reporter with his first big interview

March 6, 2013
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“Seriously, I’m petrified,” said BBC Radio’s Chris Stark, 25, as he began an interview with actress Mila Kunis about her new film, “Oz.” Kunis reassured Stark, listened thoughtfully, asked questions and eventually listed all of the movie’s talking points. “You’re doing a great job … this is the best interview I’ve had today,” she said.

Stark told The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon, “I didn’t really have much notice when I went to interview her in the first place.” He learned about the interview 30 minutes before he talked with Kunis, he said. “For me it was just a really odd situation to be in. There’s loads of lights and camera around and lots of people looking at me. I just felt really uncomfortable.

To be honest, I really don’t know enough about films to have a proper conversation about things like that. And I’m not that interested in finding out loads about the films she’s been in. But I was really interested in how fast she could neck a pint. That was big in my book, and I think there’s quite a few people who think the same.”

Stark notes that his bosses probably knew what to expect. “I’m not the most professional person that Radio One could’ve sent to do that interview,” he said. But he enjoyed it. “I would love to talk with my bosses about doing this more often.”

Watch the interview:


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