New York Times can’t have addresses of gun owners, court says

February 5, 2013
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A New York appellate court has sided with the New York City Police Department in a dispute over whether it should turn over home addresses of handgun owners to The New York Times, which made a Freedom of Information Law request for them in 2010. Dana Rubinstein describes the court’s thinking: Releasing the addresses “might endanger permit-holders, and, since the NYPD had already released the zip codes of permit-holders to the Times, would really serve no further journalistic purpose.”

New York state approved a gun law last month that put a lid on public records about gun owners.

The Times had no plans to publish a Journal News-style map of gun owners in New York City, a Times source told Rubinstein in January:

The Times rarely, if ever, publishes raw data, and it had no intention of publishing the addresses of the permit holders, someone at the newspaper told me, when I called to ask about the suit.

Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy told Rubinstein the paper is “considering our legal next steps.”

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