Star Tribune Guild approves contract that includes raises

April 18, 2013
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Star Tribune Guild members approved a contract Wednesday that guarantees them 2 percent raises this year and in 2015. The deal, Olivia LaVecchia reports, was “one of the better Guild contracts negotiated nationally in the past year,” Guild official Janet Moore wrote in an email.

“One loss for the Guild,” LaVecchia writes, “is the continuation of the policy that managers can do double duty as editors.

“Unfortunately, the company would not budge from its insistence,” Moore wrote. However, the contract specifies that no Guild member can lose his or her job as a result of any edits made by management.

The contract “passed by a 78 percent margin,” the Guild writes on its Facebook page.

More than 100 Guild members rallied last week outside the paper, which won a Pulitzer prize earlier this week.